Patent List

No. Date Patentee National Patent No. Title
1 2006.08.08 Bioceltran Biobud KR 10-0612673 Cell-transducing botoxin fusion protein
2 2012.01.19 Bioceltran
KR 10-1110313 Food composition for repression of hyperlipidemia and obesity through repression of intestinal cholesterol absorption
3 2014.07.11 Bioceltran KR 10-1420836 Livestock feed additive with the culture medium of Latobacillus plantarum
4 2014.09.12 Bioceltran KR 10-1442083 Cosmetic composition with culture meida of Latobacillus plantarum as antiseptic or functional component
5 2007.12.13 Hallym University KR 10-0787393 7,902,346 Cell-transducing fusion protein which comprising FK506binding protein and protein transducing domain
6 2005.06.02 Hallym University KR 10-0495140 Cell-transducing transport domain fusion protein anduse thereof
7 2005.02.14 Hallym University KR
10-0472938 7,306,944 4298659 Advanced cell-transducing transport domain-targetprotein-transport domain fusion protein and thereofuses